The Inclusive Community Education and Development Association (ICEADA) is a non-political, non-discriminatory and non-religious education and development non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2005. The organization is registered with both Kano State Government (AME/NGO/NO/070) Kumbotso Local Government (0265) and Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) (CAC/IT/NO28550) to carryout activities throughout Nigeria with the aim of improving the Educational and socio economic status of excluded populations. ICEADA is also a registered affiliate of the Civil Society Action Coalition on Education For All (CSACEFA) with registration number CS/NW/KA/065. ICEADA is a member of the International Association for Community Development (IACD), Scotland –UK (Registration NO: 1371)


ICEADA is managed through a 5- Member Board of Trustees which performs policy and advisory functions. There is a management committee which undertakes the day to day administration of the organization. The committee is headed by a Chairman/Team Leader and consist of 3 focal area Advisors and a secretary general who support the overall development of the NGO. As a membership based organization; it has 46 members most of whom are professionals, community leaders and change agents at the grassroots level. The focus of ICEADA activities is largely Community Development, research, advocacy, capacity building, community mobilization, adult & non-formal education issues, project management and community project services.


ICEADA has a strong team of competent consultants and volunteers from various sectors of the national economy including a volunteer expatriate consultant providing technical and professional support to the organization.


The Executive Committee of ICEADA is made up of the following:


  1. Chairman/Team Leader
  2. Deputy Team Leader( also Research Services Advisor)
  3. Health and Community Development Advisor
  4. Education and Human Development Advisor
  5. Communications and Public Relations Officer
  6. Finance and Procurement Secretary
  7. Treasurer
  8. Secretary General


We have 3 permanent staff at our secretariat and close to 25 volunteer community Mobilisers in addition to professional consultants in the area of Education, Health, Environment and social development.




To have and to create sustainable communities where people live and learn to live cooperatively for mutual benefits and progress.




To promote sustainable development goals and practices through community action in inclusive education and development.






  • To evolve holistic approaches for preventing and reducing barriers to   learning in the community.
  • To stimulate interests of the populace on the need for action in improving quality of life and the environment.



  • To assist in organizing communities to provide education for all towards sustainable development.
  • To foster a sense of community awareness and responsibility in the area of inclusive education, food security, environmental protection, health and governance.
  • To create a forum for exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and best practices among scholars, policy makers and practitioners on inclusive education, community development, innovations diffusion, health and environmental issues.
  • To encourage the government and development partners to support more broad based community development programmes and projects.
  • To encourage the participation of local voluntary groups especially women organizations in inclusive education and community development.
  • To organize training programmes: short courses, workshops, seminars, conferences in all the focal areas of the association.
  • To build capacities of local governments towards devolving leadership, authority and responsibility to grassroots organizations for sustainable development.
  • To conduct researches and disseminate findings on all the focal areas of the association.
  • To undertake Monitoring and Evaluation including Quality Assurance of development interventions, activities and services.